Q4: President's Message

President's Message

Generosity abounds here, so I don’t think you’ll be surprised to learn that Berkshire Taconic is nationally recognized for the generosity of our donors. In a study of over 300 community foundations, ours is listed 61st in the rankings for most gifts per capita! (This puts us ahead of foundations in Cleveland, Seattle, Rhode Island and Vermont). And we have been in the top 100 for many years.

I like to think that’s because we have the best of rural traditions: we try to take care of each other. That care is expressed in all manner of ways—large gifts from people setting up a family legacy, but also modest ones.

Every week, we receive gifts of $5 to one of our funds that provides enrichment activities for public school students or of $10 to a fund that helps cancer patients pay for expenses while undergoing treatment. Generosity comes from a sense of belonging to a community and caring about others.  

In 2014, Berkshire Taconic accepted $7 million (over 3,300 individual gifts) from throughout our region. Of those, nearly three-quarters were under $250! That’s generosity in action. Our funds and our donors in turn distributed over $9 million to individuals and nonprofits.

Our world here is better for all the good you do. Thank you for the trust you place in Berkshire Taconic, and may 2015 generate many more generous acts. We’re here to help!