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Accessory Apartment Program

Accessory apartments are an innovative way to help create affordable housing options. They can ease the very tight rental market for working families and provide extra income for homeowners—which in today’s economic climate can be of significant financial value.

An accessory apartment (also called an in-law apartment) is a self-contained housing unit that may either be a segment of the main residence or in a separate structure such as a garage on the property of a single-family home.

Low Interest Loans

HousingUs Accessory Apartment Program.The Accessory Apartment Revolving Loan Fund can provide low interest loans to income eligible homeowners who would like to build an accessory apartment. Learn More [PDF, 264KB]

Accessory Apartment Guides

HousingUs has developed a step-by-step guide for creating an accessory apartment, customized for 8 towns. Read the guide to learn how to secure permission for, design, build and find a tenant for an apartment in one’s home, barn or garage.

Zoning, building permit fees and application processes are different for each town. However, many of the steps described in this guide are similar to those in other towns. If you don’t see a guide for your town and have questions, please contact us.

Accessory Apartment Guides by Town

About This Photo
About This Photo
An accessory apartment can be created or remodeled from a space you already have in your home.

Having decent quality housing that is available and affordable to people who work in town everyday is key to sustaining a vibrant community and attracting new employers.

David Sherman
Town Supervisor
North East, NY