Bob & Dean Inglis

In their own words: Bob & Dean Inglis

Bob and Dean Inglis's shared love of reading prompted them to take on leadership roles at Roeliff Jansen Community Library in Hillsdale, NY. In addition to a combined 50-plus years of volunteering, they help sustain children's programs with contributions through an endowed fund that will support the library forever.

DEAN: In 1959, we were living in Altamont, New York, and Bob was in graduate school. He had a wonderful professor and mentor who brought him to Hillsdale to observe a board of education study of staffing. 

BOB: One of the findings was the need for a full-time guidance position. I went for an interview and was successful. And we've been here ever since.

DEAN: It's funny how you end up in a place. We knew nothing of this area. It's been a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

BOB: Since we're both reading addicts, we naturally gravitated towards the library. I enjoyed over 20 years on the community library board of trustees, including 14 years as treasurer. 

DEAN: We always knew that we'd remember the library in our will. While conducting children's programs for 25-plus years, I was aware of the need for funding. Bob said, 'Let's earmark the funds for children's programs' and I said, 'And let's do it now when the need is great, rather than at our death.' We thought we could possibly add to it as time goes on.

BOB: The structure of Berkshire Taconic was very appealing. It has a finger on the pulse of how to best cope with today's financial difficulties. 

DEAN: So that's how it all came about.

BOB: Since reading is so enjoyable for us, we thought the best thing we could do is share our addiction with others.

DEAN: You don't give in order to receive, it just happens naturally. And how satisfying it is! For us, the things we've been involved in have enriched our lives, and at the same time, we feel we're doing something for our community. 


Photo by John Dolan