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Becoming a Donor: Getting Started

Charitable giving is one of life’s most rewarding endeavors. Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation can help you create your own legacy with a giving plan that makes sense now and in the future. How do you begin?

1. Think About Your Goals

A conversation with family members or a professional advisor is a good place to start. Berkshire Taconic staff members can join in these confidential conversations if you choose and help you explore options for giving.

2. Decide When to Give

Based on your needs and interests, Berkshire Taconic can help you decide if it is appropriate to establish a fund now or later through your will or other planned-giving strategies.

3. Decide What to Give

We can talk with you about the different assets you can use to establish a fund. While most people establish a fund with cash or stock, you may also make a gift of real estate or other assets.

4. Choose What You Want to Support

You can support your interests. Whether you are interested in a specific cause, organization or area of need, we can do research and provide information to help you refine your ideas.

5. Talk With Us

We’ll help you think through options, including a variety of existing funds that enable you to start giving immediately. Or we can help you develop giving strategies that will make gifts to your fund later. You may choose to do both. Talk to us. We’re here to help.

About This Photo
About This Photo

A strong desire to invest in their community has motivated Catherine (pictured) and Jim Miller to direct a portion of their estate to their Berkshire Taconic legacy fund.