2015 Fall Grants


Adams Cheshire Educational Partnership (ACE)

ACE supports projects that sustain excellence in education in the Adams-Cheshire Regional School District. 

Jude KoaMaya of Cheshire, Mass.: $1,719.06 for Hoosac Valley High School CPR/First Aid training and to update the equipment in the physics lab to reflect the changing curriculum of AP Physics 1 and 2 courses
Sara Laing of Adams, Mass.: $1,000 for "Nature's Classroom," a week-long educational program
Deborah Langer of Adams, Mass.: $1,000 to distribute books to the students of C.T. Plunkett Elementary School and promote family engagement in reading
Tarah Lucier of Pittsfield, Mass.: $638 to purchase online problems for the accounting classes
Blair Mahar of Cheshire, Mass.: $1,000 for the Introduction to Timber Framing elective course 
Jill Pompi: $6,541 for the "Stop the Summertime Slide" program, which allows students to access lessons on the computer during the summertime; the "Track My Progress" online assessment that measures student learning against the new Common Core state standards; and the "Homework Help" program, where students have a safe and supportive environment to complete their homework
Jay Sniezek of Adams, Mass.: $800 to offer an archery course to the students of Hoosac Valley Middle and High School

Gateway Fund

The Gateway Fund aims to enhance and enrich the educational experience of the students and teachers in the North Adams School District. 

Patrick Boulger of North Adams, Mass.: $1,000 for the 2015-2016 Drury High School Senior Citizen's Prom
Kate Caton of North Adams, Mass.: $2,000 for the Drury Stage Company, which produces and presents contemporary Broadway musicals
Keith M. Davis of North Adams, Mass.: $1,100 to retrofit the cutterhead in the Powermatric 18" model 180 planer
Christina King of North Adams, Mass.: $1,000 for the Massachusetts Art Education Association Collaboration Presentation, in which teachers and students collaborate around the theme of empathy 
Randy Kinnas of North Adams, Mass.: $900 to implement a new STEM initiative at the Northern Berkshire YMCA
Phoebe Pepper of North Adams, Mass.: $1,000 to integrate photography into visual arts classes

Martha Boschen Porter Fund

The Martha Boschen Porter Fund supports emerging artists or artists experiencing a significant change of direction in their work. 

Sarah Aroeste of Alford, Mass.: $3,000 to compose and record an all-original Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) children's album
John Atchley of Lakeville, Conn.: $3,000 to capture abstract landscapes using intentional camera movement
Miranda Barry of Hudson, NY: $2,250 to present the show, "Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom," to Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School
Isabel Barton of Hudson, NY: $3,500 to produce a thirty minute film
Mary-Ellen Beattie of Clarksburg, Mass: $3,000 for an installation that reuses and reconfigures natural and manmade materials
Robin Crofut-Brittingham of East Canaan, Conn.: $3,000 to develop a new body of paintings inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses
Heather Fisch of Housatonic, Mass.: $4,000 to direct the production, "Tarot Show"
Jerry Freedner of Valatie, NY: $4,000 for his photography project about the beauty of local farmland and the art of the farmer 
Kristen Hewitt of Great Barrington, Mass.: $3,000 to work on her collection of essays that examines the relationship between people, nature and place in the Berkshires and beyond
Sara Katzoff of Pittsfield, Mass.: $3,000 for her 75 minute original production, "PASSAGE," which explores the tragic history and politics of the Northwest Passage between Europe and Asia
Brendan Mathews of Lenox, Mass.: $3,650 to draft and revise his novel, "The World of Tomorrow"
Ann Scott of Adams, Mass.: $3,000 to prepare for two solo exhibitions 
Richard T. Scott of Millerton, NY: $4,000 to create twelve 6 x 8 ft. paintings that address gun violence in the United States using imagery from the Civil War
Enrico Spada of Lenox, Mass.: $4,500 to direct Pittsfield Shakespeare in the Park's 2016 production
Allyson Strafella of Hudson, NY: $3,000 to create large-scale landscape drawings using a custom-built typewriter

Pauline Young Music Fund

The Pauline Young Music Fund supports projects that provide opportunities for students in the North Adams Public School District to study and appreciate music.

Christopher Caproni of North Adams, Mass.: $1,000 for a free summer music camp at Drury High School 
Jamie Choquette of North Adams, Mass.: $2,000 to support Drury High School's Arts Management course 
Aldonna Girouard of North Adams, Mass.: $2,000 to purchase iPads for the students and teachers of the North Adams Public Schools to create multi-media presentations, movies, slide shows and songs

Tabor Foundation Fund

The Tabor Foundation Fund supports residents of northwest Litchfield County, Conn. and northeast Dutchess County, NY who plan to undertake education or training in a field of health care and to seek employment in their community afterwards. 

Sabina Busby of Cornwall: $5,000 to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree 
Siena Chevalier of Sharon: $5,000 to become an advanced practicing nurse practitioner
Mary-Lee Clark of Cornwall Bridge: $4,000 to pursue an associate's degree in nursing
Elizabeth Hoag of Canaan: $3,150 for yoga training certification
Maggie Manning of Lakeville: $5,000 to earn her doctorate degree in clinical psychology