Charles Malcolm

2011: Charles Malcolm

Charles Malcolm—humanities teacher, advisor, dorm-parent, varsity soccer coach and junior varsity baseball coach at Northfield Mount Hermon School in Mount Hermon, Mass.—was awarded the third annual James C. Kapteyn Prize.

For 25 years, Charles has worked at Camp Pemigewassett (“Pemi”), a summer camp that inspires and supports young boys as they find their own distinctive paths to becoming self-reliant, caring and successful men with a passion for all that they do. It was at Pemi that Charles first discovered his talent for teaching, and since then he’s been committed to helping young people achieve excellence in every way possible.  

“We are thrilled to honor Charlie with the Kapteyn Prize,” says Kirsten Kapteyn, widow of the late James Kapteyn andchair of the selection committee. “The committee was captivated by Charlie’s candidacy from start to finish. We were moved by his unwavering dedication to the well-being and growth of his students in all aspects of their lives, and endeared by his warm humanity and humility. Charlie perfectly embodies the prize’s ideals, a role model of exemplary character whose selfless and tireless work with adolescents in a broad array of important roles empowers them to be their best and transforms their lives. As one peer recommender described him, ‘Charlie is Mr. Chips, The Gipper and Ward Cleaver rolled into one!’

Charles spent his formative years as an educator at the Landmark School for dyslexic students, and then moved on to teach at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. During this time, Charles developed a deep sense of responsibility and concern for his students’ welfare, and worked to make history relevant in their world.

Now in his twelfth year at Northfield Mount Hermon, Charles strives to educate his students about the connections between disciplines and the overall interdependence of our world. He’s taken his students to meet with anti-Apartheid leaders in Cape Town and Soweto, South Africa, and spent seven weeks living in the poor city of San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic. Charles offers life-changing experiences to his students, allowing them to appreciate the deeper meaning of their academic endeavors. He wants them to value the gift of education, to discover a lifelong passion for the world’s incredible diversity.

In his coaching duties, Charles finds opportunities  for his players to participate in community service and team-building exercises. He aims to show them that athletics goes well beyond winning and losing – it has an educational purpose as well.  

“It is an honor to be recognized for an award honoring the life and commitment to education of Deerfield’s James Kapteyn,” Charles says. “Winning an award of this nature after twenty-one years of teaching makes me grateful towards all my students, colleagues and administrators at Northfield Mount Hermon who have all helped me become a better educator. NMH remains an inspiring place to teach and I look forward to continuing the journey.”