Dora Malech & Malachi Black Named 2017 Clampitt Residents

dora malech & malachi black named 2017 clampitt residents

Baltimore-based poet, professor and visual artist Dora Malech (pictured) recently moved into Amy Clampitt's former home near Lenox, Mass. Named the 22nd recipient of the Amy Clampitt residency, Dora will spend six months in Berkshire County working on a collection of poetry and a book of prose. 

"It's so significant to have this time and space to focus and to be able to dignify my own work," Dora says. "The luxury of being able to have a circuitous, creative path for these months that I'm here is really fantastic and invaluable."

Dora graduated from Yale University with a bachelor's degree in fine arts, and earned her MFA in poetry from Iowa Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa. She published two collections of poetry, Shore Ordered Ocean (2010) and Say So (2011), and her work has been featured in the New Yorker, Poetry London, Tin House, The Yale Review and more.

Deeply involved in community outreach, Dora is co-founder and former director of Iowa Youth Writing Project, an arts engagement program for children and teens. Currently, she serves on the faculty of The Writing Seminars at John Hopkins University, and participates in Writers in Baltimore Schools, a program that provides low-income middle school students with creative writing workshops. 

"I think for everyone involved, it's a way to engage across generations, to build friendships and support systems, to be there in the lives of young people through transitions and to model this kind of lifelong engagement with the arts and with learning," Dora says. "That sense of empowering young people to use their voice is huge."

Dora hopes to organize a local reading of her work at area bookstores, and true to her nature, may explore how to partner on a community project with a local school.

In July 2017, Malachi Black of Salt Lake City, Utah, will take Dora's place as the second poet-resident of the year.