Kapteyn Prize Videos

Kapteyn Prize Recipients Reflect on Award in Video Interviews

Since 2009, the Kapteyn Prize has celebrated the outstanding work of high school teachers by awarding them $10,000 for study or travel. In the following videos, recipients explain how the prize has affected their lives and careers.

The James C. Kapteyn Endowment Fund was established to honor the memory of James Kapteyn, who dedicated his days and nights as a beloved and respected teacher. Learn more about James and past recipients.

Principals and Heads of School may nominate an outstanding educator who meets the vision of the fund by Feb. 9.

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Jeffrey Welch, Mount Greylock Regional High School



Linda Burlak, Buxton School



William Fenton, The Hotchkiss School



Kari Giordano, Mount Everett Regional School



Robert Thistle, Mount Greylock Regional High School



Eric Muller, Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School



Samuel Prouty, formerly of The Hotchkiss School



Deron Bayer, Housatonic Valley Regional High School



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James Kapteyn's Family Reflects on Kapteyn Prize