Center for Nonprofit Excellence Advisory Board

  • Marian Godfrey
    Cultural Advisor, Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
    Richmond, Mass.
  • Jenny Hansell
    Executive Director, North East Community Center
    Millerton, NY
  • Nancy Heaton
    Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Community Health
    Sharon, Conn.
  • Rhiannon Leo-Jameson
    Director, NorthEast-Millerton Library
    Millerton, NY
  • Lael Locke
    Advisory committee co-chair, Fund for Columbia County
    Chatham, NY
  • Russell Pomeranz
    President and CEO, Claverack Advisory Group
    Claverack, NY
  • Gary Schiro
    Executive Director, Hudson Opera House
    Hudson, NY
  • Megan Whilden
    Director of Cultural Development, City of Pittsfield
    Pittsfield, Mass.
  • Carter White
    Board member, The Mount and Berkshire South Regional Community Center
    Housatonic, Mass.