the Jane Lloyd Fund

Grant Guidelines

the fund will be accepting new applications in 2015.


Social service agencies (or clergy, town supervisor, etc.) on behalf of cancer patients and their families with financial need in the Connecticut towns of Canaan(Falls Village), Cornwall, Kent, North Canaan, Salisbury and Sharon.


The Jane Lloyd Fund was established at Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation to benefit cancer patients and their families with financial need in the Connecticut towns of Canaan, Cornwall, Falls Village, Kent, Salisbury and Sharon.

The Jane Lloyd Fund supports patients’ day-to-day living expenses. These may include the costs of transportation, housing, food, utilities and other expenses that help the patient heal in a supportive environment or depart this life comfortably with friends and family.

The Fund was founded by Jane Lloyd’s family with the help of Erin Selby, Tracie Shannon and Tanya Tedder. They wanted to respond to the generosity of community members who helped Jane when she was in need, so that others in the community might experience the same sense of well-being in their own time of great sadness and need.

Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997. After undergoing surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, Jane continued her successful gardening business until 2004, when a relapse limited her ability to work full time. The community and her family supported her by paying for her mortgage, utilities, and other expenses so that she could stay in her house in Lime Rock as long as possible.

It is with joyous hearts that this Fund has been established to continue the chain of generosity and good will, linking Jane to many other families long into the future. The Lloyd family hopes that those who receive support from the Jane Lloyd Fund will consider directing contributions to the Fund so that it will grow and continue to support many people in the years to come.


Please be in touch with the social worker in your town, who can submit an application on your behalf.


Awards are generally up to $2,500. If a grant is awarded, the payment is sent directly to the vendor and not the individual.


Ms. Jill E. Gibbons
Town of Cornwall Social Services
26 Pine Street
P.O. Box 97
Cornwall, CT 06753
Phone: 860 672-2603

Falls Village
Ms. Theresa Snyder Graney
Social Services Director/Municipal Agent
Town of Canaan
PO Box 47
Falls Village, CT 06031-0047
Phone: 860-824-9855

Ms. Leah Pullaro
Social Worker
Town of Kent Social Worker
PO Box 678
Kent Town Hall
Kent, CT 06757
Phone: 860 927 1586

North Canaan
BJ Christinat
North Canaan Social Services
100 Pease Street
PO Box 876
Canaan, CT 06018
Phone: 860-824-3133

Ms. Patrice McGrath
Director of Social Services
Salisbury Family Services
PO Box 379
Salisbury, CT 06068
Phone: 860-435-5187

Ms. Ella Clark
Social Service Agent
Town of Sharon Social Services
PO Box 385
Sharon, CT 06069
Phone: 860-364-1003