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New World Fund of the Berkshires

Grant Guidelines


Nonprofit organizations providing services to recent immigrants to the Berkshires.


The New World Fund was established in memory of Gerald Dickler, father of the founder, whose immigrant parents struggled most of their lives to provide for their children’s welfare and education. The fund will operate without prejudice and with their principles of selflessness in mind.


Individuals may seek grants for immediate and basic needs, such as buying winter clothes, having their teeth fixed, getting snow tires for their cars, making a deposit on rental housing or buying books for college.

Nonprofit organizations or public agencies may apply for grants to support programs serving this population.


The New World Fund was established to give support and encouragement to recent immigrants to the Berkshires (and to programs designed to help them) through small grants usually in the $100 to $500 range that will ease the transition into their new lives.


Potential impact of the project on immigrants’ basic needs.

An advisory board will review the applications and award grants based on the applicant’s need and the appropriateness of the request. The board will meet several times a year, as applications are received, and will try to respond within eight weeks.


The New World Fund also offers a scholarship for new immigrants who have been in the United States for five years or less and are studying toward a degree at Berkshire Community College. Click here to learn more about eligibility and apply.