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Emma M. Kirchhofer Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Guidelines


High school seniors who are residents of Columbia County.


Visit our online portal to complete our common application, which will determine your eligiblity for all Berkshire Taconic scholarships. Once you have logged in, select "Apply" at the top of the page, then scroll to the bottom of the list to find "Scholarship Common Application."


Emma M. Kirchhofer believed in applying oneself to the task of becoming all they could be during their life journey. She loved and married Werner Kirchhofer and although not blessed with children, they invested their time with family and friends, creating a honey-comb of support as they aged. When Werner passed away, Emma involved herself with church activities, bridge, and most important to her, art lessons. She enjoyed designing and creating detailed needlepoint hangings and still-life paintings of flowers and local scenery. The Emma M. Kirchhofer Scholarship has been established to promote and encourage a student who will actively develop their talents and education in a discipline they choose to pursue a college degree in.


The goal of the Emma M. Kirchhofer Scholarship is to award scholarships annually to college bound graduating high school seniors who are residents of Columbia County.


If funding is available and there are eligible candidates, the fund will award $1,000 to one graduating senior. Recipients may apply to renew their scholarships, up to a maximum of $4,000 over four years, as long as they continue to meet the award criteria.


Applications will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Academic achievement and potential
  • Evidence of financial need
  • Demonstration of significant evidence of a contribution to society during high school such as:
      • Volunteer work with a local nonprofit agency
      • Leadership and involvement with school activities
      • Other community involvement
      • Recipient of education/community awards

Applications will be reviewed by the Emma M. Kirchhofer Fund Scholarship Committee. This is a committee of area residents who are active in community affairs. Their recommendations will be reviewed by Berkshire Taconic's Board of Directors.




March 15

Common App

Visit our online portal to complete our common application.