Matthew D. Reagon Scholarship Fund




A graduate or graduating senior of Webutuck High School who has attained reasonable academic achievement despite facing adversity, challenges or difficulties, and who is demonstrating through interest or action a desire to pursue higher educational goals.


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Purpose: The purpose of the Matthew D. Reagon Memorial Scholarship is to assist graduates of Webutuck Central School pursue their higher education goals at either two- or four-year institutions.

Matthew Reagon was a 1990 graduate of Webutuck Central School, where he excelled academically, ran cross-country and track, and starred in drama society productions. He majored in anthropology at Reed College in Portland, OR and graduated in 1994. He did graduate work in anthropology, law, ancient Greek and Hebrew, philosophy and Christian history, and at the time of his death was studying at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. His interests were many and varied: woodworking, running, mountain climbing, photography, occasional preaching, intelligent argument, and voracious reading. He had just started a hardwood floor business.

Throughout his adulthood, Matt struggled with drug addiction, bipolar disorder and physical pain. While this struggle ultimately ended with his death from a drug overdose, he had been clean from drugs for over seven years, and his own recovery and service to those struggling with addiction was central to his identity. Matt drew on his experience to share love, strength and hope to many others during his years of recovery.

When he died, Matt still faced debt from student loans. His family has started this scholarship to help Webutuck graduates complete their undergraduate degrees without the burden of crushing debt. It also seeks to affirm the worth and enable the dreams of those who have faced some adversity or difficulty in their lives. 


  • A Webutuck High School senior planning to pursue undergraduate study (full- or part-time) at a two- or four-year college or university, or other school of the student's choice accredited by one or more of the accrediting bodies belonging to the "Council of Post-Secondary Education" or
  • A graduate of Webutuck High School currently attending a two- or four-year college or university, or other school of the student's choice accredited by one or more of the accrediting bodies belonging to the "Council on Post-Secondary Education."


There is currently an award of $1,150. As the fund grows and has the capacity to do so, the awards will become renewable provided the recipients continue to meet the award criteria. 


The committee will review requests for scholarships according to the following criteria:

  • An all-round student as evidenced by reasonable academic achievement, motivation and involvement in the school community, including but not limited to athletics and drama.
  • Significance of the scholarship award to the student, particularly financial significance. 
  • Preference will be given to students who have encountered adversity and/or overcome challenges to achieve their academic and life goals. 

Applications will be reviewed by a Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation scholarship committee. The committee's recommendations will be reviewed by Berkshire Taconic's Board of Directors.




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