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Rhoda Lubalin Art Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Guidelines


Graduating seniors of Webutuck Central School who intend to pursue the study of visual arts at a college or other educational institution.


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The Rhoda Lubalin Art Scholarship recognizes a graduating senior of Webutuck Jr./Sr. High School who has been engaged in the study of any form of visual arts in high school, and who intends to continue art studies in college with a goal of having a career in the arts. Art includes, but may not be limited to painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, architecture, digital or multi-media work, art history, arts education or art museum work. The student may use the scholarship funds to purchase art supplies or spend it on such things that make going to college more manageable. All purchases will be reimbursed upon the provision of receipts.

The Rhoda Lubalin Art Scholarship was created in 1990 to encourage the arts locally. In 2008, the scholarship was placed under the aegis of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, which has assumed the administration of the award. Ms. Lubalin remains actively involved in the fund and the selection committee, and is pleased that “the scholarship will continue well into the future, to encourage students to pursue their passion.”



  • Applicants must be graduating from the Webutuck Jr./Sr. High School in good standing and must be planning to enter an educational institution of higher learning with the avowed decision to further study art.
  • Applicants must, in the considered judgment of their teachers, show evidence of creativity and originality in their artwork.
  • Applicants must present a portfolio of work, entirely original, which may include independent projects completed outside the classroom.


One $1,000 scholarship will be awarded each year. Awards will be paid for the student’s first semester (provided evidence is submitted of being enrolled and in good academic standing) for tuition or to purchase art supplies. In any year that there is not a suitable candidate for the scholarship, funding will be reserved for the following year.


The scholarship will be presented at the Webutuck Jr./Sr. High School Senior Awards Ceremony.


The committee will review requests for scholarships according to the following criteria:

  • The student’s demonstrated ability and devotion to the study of the visual arts.
  • The student’s efforts and ambitions to achieve their goals.

Applicants will meet with the Rhoda Lubalin Scholarship Fund Committee to discuss their application. This committee includes a Webutuck Jr./Sr. High School art teacher, a guidance counselor and an independent practicing artist. Berkshire Taconic’s board of directors will review the committee’s recommendations.




March 15

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