The Waterman Remillard Fund

The waterman and remillard fund

Scholarship Guidelines


Graduating students and alumni of Drury High School, North Adams, Mass.


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The Drury Drama Team was founded in 1988 by Dr. Len Radin as a privately sponsored academic department of theatre within a public school. For twenty-five years Dr. Radin taught two theatre courses and directed plays of all genre and periods.  For the first twenty years this was as a volunteer. No public funds were used for any Drama Team activities. All funds were raised privately through donations, sales and grants.

The Drama Team earned many prestigious local, state and national awards for its innovative programs. This recognition included the Points of Lights award from the Governor of Massachusetts and induction into the Educational Theatre Association Hall of Fame at ceremonies in Washington DC. The Drama Team won awards at numerous theatre festivals it participated in including twenty International Thespian Festivals.

Amy Remillard was a Drama Team student who was admired and respected on and off the stage.  A tragic auto accident took her life weeks before she was to graduate. Her family established the Amy Remillard Award. The “Amy” is a gold trophy presented annually to a graduating member of the Drama Team.

Artists Ron and Tiger Waterman contributed their talents and time to the Drama Team by creating many sets and props. They generously established a scholarship fund to be awarded annually for a Drama Team student or alumni who is or will attend college for theatre training. 


The goal of the Waterman and Remillard Fund is to provide support to a student who is graduating from or has previously graduated from Drury High School and who is undertaking a college level theatre studies program.  If there is no student undertaking such a program, the award will be given to a graduating high school senior with significant financial need.   


There is one award of $1,000 given each year.


The committee will review requests for scholarships according to the following criteria:

  • Potential for success in a theatre program
  • Financial need
  • Demonstrated passion for the performing arts
  • Community service
  • Academic ability

Applications will be reviewed by a Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation Scholarship Committee.Their recommendations will be reviewed by Berkshire Taconic’s Board of Directors.




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