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Designated Funds

You can ensure your favorite nonprofit’s long-term financial stability.

Donors with strong ties to a particular organization often establish a designated fund for its benefit. Your gift becomes an endowed fund of BTCF, which will support the charity of your choice as long as it exists.

Designated funds can provide much needed income to schools, historic sites, houses of worship, arts groups, animal shelters and many other kinds of organizations and causes.

Minimum to open an endowed Designated Fund: $25,000

  • Makes a significant contribution to a nonprofit without burdening that organization with the management of an endowment
  • Endures forever and endowment is never spent out
  • If the designated organization ceases to exist, loses its tax-exempt status or changes its mission,
    BTCF can redirect support for a purpose as close as possible to your original intentions
  • Our skilled Investment Committee is devoted to providing your fund with the best investment options

Administrative Fees

About This Photo
About This Photo

The Arts Fund for Region One works to create a pool of private funding to enhance the arts curriculum of Region One. The fund supports project grants, individual scholarships for the arts and 4th grade Arts Day. Photo by John Dolan.