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Education Enrichment Funds

In 1996, Berkshire Taconic established the first education enrichment fund with the strong belief that our young people need access to a broad array of learning opportunities to maximize their options for achievement. These funds bring private philanthropy into the realm of public education to support extra-curricular projects not funded by tax dollars. Since then, a major initiative was undertaken by BTCF to create these funds in every school district in our catchment area.

With the support of many generous donors, we have brought well over $1 million in resources to stimulate the start up of these funds. And through the valiant effort of hundreds of volunteers, there are now 33 education enrichment funds [PDF, 67KB] throughout our region with almost $6 million in endowments, distributing almost $500,000 every year for projects to inspire our young people. Without these funds, 4,000 grants totaling $3.6 million would not been distributed for extraordinary learning experiences.

The funds are managed by Berkshire Taconic and overseen by a group of community volunteers – parents, business leaders, teachers and administrators. Because these funds are endowed, they will remain a permanent source of support for remarkable learning experiences for our public school children for years to come.

What Do Education Enrichment Funds Support?

The funds support field trips, special building projects (gardens, greenhouses, technology), artists and speakers in residence, publications, travel grants for clubs/classes, performances, robotics programs, nutrition programs and more. Students, teachers or community members who have an idea for an exciting project are encouraged to apply.


How Can I Give to the Education Enrichment Fund in my School District?

We’re keeping art, music, dance and drama alive in our schools.

We’re making field trips, lectures and after-school programs available – all thanks to donors like you! Support the education enrichment fund near you:


About This Photo
About This Photo

Taconic Hills High School receives support from the Taconic Hills Arts & Humanities/Education Enrichment Fund to maintain the school's greenhouse and engage in other projects. Photo by John Dolan. 

Berkshire Taconic’s education enrichment funds have altered the landscape of opportunity for hundreds of public schoolchildren in our region – exposing their minds to rich new ideas and experiences.

Catherine Miller
Donor & Founder of
The Eagle Fund
Sheffield, Mass.