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What You Can Do

There are many ways you can help support affordable housing. Take action in your community with the following steps:

Reach Out

Most towns have a housing trust, Habitat for Humanity chapter, or another organization working to provide more affordable housing options. Find out what your local housing organizations are up to and how you can best support their efforts.

Build It

If you have the space in your home, barn or garage, an “accessory” apartment can provide an attractive, affordable housing option for renters and can bring in additional income for you. Our sample guide will take you step–by–step through the process of creating and renting an apartment in your home.

Fund It

Donate to your local housing organization or to HousingUs, a tri–state collaborative effort of nonprofit organizations and community leaders working to promote broad-based affordable housing options in towns throughout the area.

Tell us Your Story

We have found a lot of people with stories about their difficulties finding reasonably–priced quality housing in the Berkshire Taconic region. We invite you to share your stories with us, as we work to create a better and more specific understanding of actual needs to be addressed.

Stay Informed

Signup for HousingUs news. Get the latest news, updates and resources to help us all better understand and articulate the issues surrounding the affordable housing debate. And we’ll let you know how your town and others nearby are dealing with housing–related issues as they happen.

Our towns suffer when people who could contribute to the town can’t afford to stay here or live here. Even with the decline in the housing market, the price of housing is out of reach for most people who live and work here.

Gordon Ridgway
First Selectman
Cornwall, CT