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Tabor Scholarship Continues Local Doctor’s Legacy

 A local legend known for her kind and eccentric nature, Dr. Josephine Evarts (1901-1983) ”Dr. Jo”, cared for thousands of patients in her 54 years as a doctor in the Harlem Valley, NY. She married Gilbert Tabor, an E.N.T. specialist who died in 1957. In his memory she established The Tabor Foundation to help local students attend institutions of higher learning.

Dr. Josephine Evarts established the Tabor Fund to help local students with health care scholarships.When Dr. Jo died, a portion of her estate was set aside to provide income for life for her second husband Charles Demarest. After his death, the remainder of her estate went to the Foundation.

Millerton attorney and Tabor Foundation board member Ed Downey recalls, “We concluded we were too small to do much by ourselves. We needed both investment and administrative expertise.” The board decided to create the Tabor Fund by dissolving the private foundation and transferring the assets to BTCF. Says Downey, “With the help of the skilled staff at BTCF, we have returned to our roots and now provide financial assistance to students every year to continue their education in any field of health care.”