Sherrell Andrews & Rob Kuhbach

Helping Their Community Thrive

When Sherrell Andrews and Rob Kuhbach bought a home in Millerton more than 40 years ago, they fell in love with the community.

They began splitting their time between New York City, where they pursued careers in law, and bucolic Dutchess County, where Millerton’s rich history and friendly neighbors quickly drew them in. Their subsequent retirement gave them a chance to pursue what they call a new life trajectory: investing their time, talent and treasure—a philanthropic mantra—in nonprofits that make a difference, in Millerton and beyond.

They have focused their time and talent on board service with local organizations like the North East Community Center, Foundation for Community Health, Townscape and Friends of Coleman Station, through which they have helped secure national historic recognition for the village of Millerton and supported after-school programs, transportation services, mental health and pediatric care, and other social services for residents, from young children to older adults.

“I think everyone in the community seems to be involved in one area or another,” Sherrell said. “Millerton has a very unique character and a wonderful mix of people. It is a very special place.”

As for the treasure, they turned to Berkshire Taconic to efficiently manage their giving. They opened a donor advised fund, and its flexibility has allowed them to donate to missions that inspire them—particularly youth, women’s rights and food insecurity—in places they’ve called home throughout their lives. While many of their grants benefit local organizations, they have also supported programs to provide hot meals and social services for the hungry in New York City and another to enable young African women’s rights attorneys to secure their master’s degrees in law at Georgetown, Sherrell’s alma mater.

Both Sherrell and Rob grew up active in churches with parents who taught them early on that it’s important to give back and that a simple gift could change the life of someone who might not have access to opportunities or a support system. These lessons have been strengthened through their foreign travels, particularly in Africa and Asia, and by their affection for the special community of their Millerton home.

“We have been fortunate to meet many dedicated and generous people in our travels and recognize that we all have common needs and interests,” Rob said. “It’s further fueled our enthusiasm to support programs that make a difference where we live as well as farther afield.”