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Accepting Donations to Your Fund

Berkshire Taconic will gladly assist you with your fund and any donations into the fund.

When Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation receives a donation of any amount to your fund, we send an acknowledgement letter to the donor for tax purposes. In accordance with IRS regulations, we can only acknowledge the individual, business or organization whose name appears on the check.
Berkshire Taconic does not acknowledge contributions for which the donor received something of equal or more value in return (e.g., tickets to an event or an auction purchase for which the price paid is below or equal to fair market value). This type of contribution is not tax deductible. If you would like to thank the donor for such a contribution, please keep your own record, as these names and amounts are not added to our database.
Berkshire Taconic processes donations as quickly as possible, usually within 7-10 business days. However, during high volume periods of the year (December), please allow additional time for donations to be processed.

When fundraising, please have checks to your fund sent directly to Berkshire Taconic’s mailing address (you can print BTCF’s address on your remittance envelopes). This will ensure that the check is deposited in a timely manner and that your donors receive a prompt acknowledgement of their gift. This is especially important for  year-end fundraising campaigns so that your donors receive a tax deduction in the year that they made their gift.

If you are collecting checks and forwarding them to Berkshire Taconic, please deliver the donations to us within five business days from the date you received them. Please include a count of the number of checks and a tape or spreadsheet with the total dollar amount, so that we can confirm our total. If addresses are not included on checks, it is important that you attach an address list so that we may properly acknowledge all donors.

When Berkshire Taconic revieves donations to your fund, we send the fund’s authorized representative, as named in the fund agreement, a report indicating the names and addresses of the donors and the amount of each gift, as well as a total of non-gift proceeds, such as ticket sales. This keeps you informed about each addition to the fund, even if it is sent directly to us. This can also be accessed online.

Important Rules Governing Privacy

Protecting the privacy of our donors is a top priority. Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation staff, board and volunteers, as well as all fundholders are required to adhere to the privacy policy of the Foundation as follows:

  • Information about donors may not be shared, sold, or rented to any outside individual, group or organization
  • Quarterly statements listing donor gifts is confidential and may not be shared with any outside individual, group or organization
  • Access to DonorCentral may not be shared with any individual(s) other than the authorized party or parties

You must contact Berkshire Taconic for approval if you are planning to provide goods or services in exhange for a donation. Certain quid pro quo disclosures are required to be made upon solicitation and in written acknowlegements, including a good faith estimate of the value of the goods or services provided.

For example, if an event with a $75 ticket price involves a dinner valued at $25, the invitation might read, “$50 of the ticket is in excess of your dinner and is tax deductible to the extent provided by the law.” Berkshire Taconic will assist in providing wording.

Note: An exception to this disclosure is that benefits can be disregarded if they are “token items” bearing the organization’s name or logo (e.g., bookmark, calendar, key chains, mugs, posters). Please consult Berkshire Tonconic regarding the current allowable cost of such items.

Upon receipt of acceptable verification that an in-kind gift was completed and in accordance with IRS regulations, Berkshire Taconic will issue an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes describing the property received. It is the donor’s responsibility to substantiate the dollar value.

Please call us to discuss the acceptance of pledges to your fund before soliciting them from donors. Berkshire Taconic will provide you with a sample pledge form. Please note that we can only accept signed written pledges and that the minimum payment amount for each installment is $100. We send pledge reminder letters to donors on a quarterly basis, at the beginning of the quarter in which the pledge payment is due.     

Online Giving Through Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

You can use BTCF’s website to build your fund or enhance year-end giving campaigns.

Sample Website Language

If you have your own website, you may wish to use the following sample language to encourage online giving to your fund:

Give Online

{Name of Fund or Nonprofit Org} offers you the
opportunity to make an online gift through Berkshire
Taconic Community Foundation.

Donations made to {Name of Fund} will be used for
{Purpose of Fund}.

Click here {Insert link to BTCF Donate Form} to make a
secure, instant contribution to {Name of Fund} using your
credit card.

Your gift to {Name of Fund} is tax deductible to the extent
allowed by law, because it is a fund of Berkshire Taconic
Community Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity.

How to Link to BTCF’s Donation Form

Use the following URL to link to the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation donation form.