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Publicizing Your Fund

Your success is our success! Please contact us if you are having a fundraiser or if you are creating marketing materials so that we can help you spread the word about your fund.

Fund Name

Because Berkshire Taconic carries the 501(c)3 nonprofit status for your fund, it is important for the Foundation’s name to be associated with your fund. When using your fund’s name in press or other materials, the following language must be used: {Name of Fund}, a fund of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.

The fund association with Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation must be acknowledged in all press releases, websites, social media, e-communications, event invitations and printed materials.

Website Links

If your fund has its own website, please alert Darryl Gangloff, communications officer at so that we can help you link to Berkshire Taconic’s website donation page.

We are also happy to link to your fund’s website through our fund listing and Facebook page.

Language & Logo

If you are creating communications materials for your fund, please email us a copy so that we may review them for the proper Foundation language and logo.