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Tyler and Brian Fairbank live by the mantra "enhancing people's lives." Photo by John Dolan

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About This Image
Over 500 funds at Berkshire Taconic provide essential support to hundreds of local nonprofits each year:  “Without the support of our donors, we would not be able to feed the nearly 1,000 families that come to us for help each month.” –Barbara Pogue, Co-President, OWL’s Kitchen Food Pantry, Lakeville, CT.

Create Your Own Fund

Support a cause or place you care about passionately. Create a family tradition of giving. Honor a loved one’s memory. Give directly to organizations of your choice through a donor advised fund. There are many reasons you might be inspired to start a fund at Berkshire Taconic and many options for the types of funds you can create.

Donate to an Existing Fund

Berkshire Taconic manages more than 500 funds created by generous individuals, families and businesses. These funds make grants to support specific places, organizations or areas of interest, including education, the arts, elderly services, health care and environmental protection. You can donate to any of these funds right now and make a difference. Search our funds.

Support BTCF's Community Leadership Funds

Berkshire Taconic’s Community Leadership Funds address immediate community needs and issues such as hunger, affordable housing, child welfare and education. You can help local families in economic distress, train local nonprofits or sustain the quality of life in your specific town.

Leave a Legacy Through Your Estate Plan

If you wish to leave a gift that costs nothing during your lifetime, you can include Berkshire Taconic in your will or estate plan, ensuring that your charitable vision endures forever. You can leave a specific dollar amount, a property, a percentage of your estate or the remainder after distributions to other beneficiaries.