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Early Childhood Development

Healthy communities rely on their residents to be civically engaged. They also think to their future. The next generation of leaders is a concern of all who want to see our communities grow and thrive. The most important component of the next generation is comprised of those who are babies now. Recent research unequivocally indicates that the first five years of life is when the greatest development of the brain occurs and lays the foundation for behaviors and skills that a child will carry throughout his/her life.

Given these findings, Berkshire Taconic is developing an initiative whose vision is that children from birth to five years in our region develop in a wholesome, healthy, learning-rich environment so that they are ready to learn when they enter kindergarten.


  • Parents are a child’s first teacher
  • Parents want what’s best for their child
  • Young children are innately capable and competent
  • Learning begins at birth


  • There are 11,600 children under 5 in our region
  • 22% of them live in poverty
  • An average of only 59% of children in our region are reading at grade level by 3rd grade, an important indicator of success later in life.

How Can I Support BTCF’S Early Childhood Development Initiative?

The Early Childhood Development Fund helps ensure that children (birth-five) in BTCF's catchment area are prepared to learn when they enter Kindergarten. 


About This Photo
About This Photo

Photo by John Dolan.