They are firefighters and schoolteachers, farmers and carpenters, plumbers and bank tellers and artists. They are our neighbors and friends, our grandparents and grandchildren. They are us. And they can’t afford to live here, where they work every day, where they grew up.

A healthy community is home to people of wide-ranging talents, backgrounds and ages. The rich and diverse fabric of our communities is in grave danger of unraveling; the lack of reasonably-priced housing is the reason. We can and must work together to create housing options for all of us.

HousingUs is an initiative of Berkshire Taconic

What is HousingUs?

HousingUs is the collaborative effort of nonprofit organizations and community leaders to promote broad-based affordable housing options in towns throughout the northwest corner of Connecticut, northeast Dutchess and Columbia counties in New York, and southern Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

HousingUs is governed by an advisory board [PDF, 142KB] that includes highly motivated local community representatives dedicated to its mission.

Our Mission

The mission of HousingUs is to dramatically increase the rate of affordable housing development in the rural communities of the tri-state region. HousingUs advances this mission by working in tandem with local communities to:



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HousingUs works to increase the rate of affordable housing options in our region.

We are losing the future of our community. The lack of reasonably-priced housing options means that young families can’t afford housing here and school enrollment is declining.

Patricia Mechare
First Selectman
Canaan, Conn.