Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle

BTCF’s Legacy Circle honors individuals who have named Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation in their will or estate plan. Legacy Circle members may choose to be anonymous or to receive special recognition and invitations to foundation events.

Sometimes, people leave a bequest to the foundation without our knowledge and we only learn of the gift after the donor’s lifetime. We hope you will give us the opportunity to honor your vision, or to assist you and your advisors as you prepare to invest in your community even after your own lifetime.

Your willingness to be listed as a member of our Legacy Circle encourages others to follow your example.

We thank the legacy donors below who have made this commitment to strengthen the future of our region, and have chosen Berkshire Taconic as the vehicle for their generosity.


  • Eunice Agar
  • Dr. Nicholas Boraski
  • Christine and Tack Burbank
  • Duncan Calhoun and Russell Gibson
  • Ted Cobden
  • Kevin and Jean Decker
  • Sally Eagle and Dan Mead
  • Norma Edsall* and Alice Corbin*
  • Monroe England*
  • Sheldon Evans and Martha McMaster
  • Fred and Nancy Fagelman
  • Brian Fairbank
  • Ralph D. Fedele
  • Renee Fuller*
  • Pamela R. and Jay R. Green
  • Joan Griswold
  • Donald Grody*
  • Ed and Lisa Bouchard Hoe
  • Thomas and Barbara Joseph
  • Francoise Kelz
  • Dave Klausmeyer
  • Peter Krysa*
  • Jane Laning
  • Lael Locke
  • Eleanor Lord
  • Priscilla J. McEwen and Charles A. Garman
  • William S.* and Patricia G.* Linscott
  • Phil and Kathy McKnight
  • James and Catherine Miller
  • David Wilson Milne and Joyce Harris Milne
  • Kelly A. Morgan
  • Carol Perkins
  • Ralph Peterson
  • Florence Anne Sasso*
  • Elizabeth* and Wynn* Sayman
  • Mary Silks
  • Sam and Elizabeth Smith
  • John* and Jid Sprague
  • Lawrence Strauss
  • Laurel Trahan
  • Vera V.J. Weintraub
  • Anonymous (30)


The funds below are designated to receive a bequest gift from a generous donor.

  • Dr. Bernard and Eleanor Auge Family Fund
  • Community Fund
  • Crofut Family Fund
  • Dorsoduro Family Fund
  • Ferris Burtis Scholarship Fund
  • Fund for Mt. Washington
  • JB2 Fund
  • Mario Fund
  • McCarthy Family Fund
  • Pine Grove Cemetery Fund
  • Whistler's Brother

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Ralph Fedele opened a legacy fund to ensure that the Irondale Schoolhouse—now enjoying a second life as Millerton’s new visitor center—receives ongoing support after his lifetime. Photo by John Dolan