Professional Advisor Partners - Plan Professional Advisors - Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

The following professional, legal and financial advisors have chosen to work with Berkshire Taconic to achieve their clients’ philanthropic and financial goals. We would like to acknowledge their good work on behalf of charitable giving in our communities.

If you have worked with us and do not see your name listed, please let us know.

About This Photo
About This Photo

Photo by John Dolan.

Molly Ackerly, Esq.
Ackerly Brown LLP

Paula K. Almgren
Almgren Law

Andrea Doyle Asman
Litwin Asman PC

Jeffrey Belair
Smith, Watson & Company LLP

Alexander W. Bloomstein, Esq.
Baldwin & Bloomstein LLC

Jennifer M. Boll, Esq.
Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC

Louise F. Brown, Esq.
Ackerly Brown LLP

Michael Bucci
Pattison Koskey Howe & Bucci PC

J. Peri Campoli, Esq.
Campoli, Monteleone & Mozian PC

Matthew Chester, CFP
Tableaux Wealth

Michael Citrin
Drury, Patz & Citrin LLP

Janice J. Cook, Esq.
Donovan O’Connor & Dodig LLP

Thomas A. Curtin

Alexandra Dest
Alexandra Dest Capital Management

Jason Dohaney, MBA
MountainOne Investments

Edward F. Downey
Downey, Haab and Murphy PLLC

Geoffrey Drury
Drury, Patz & Citrin LLP

Keith J. Flint, Esq.
Flint Law Firm

Mark S. Gold
Smith Green & Holmes LLP

Pamela R. Green
Smith Green & Holmes LLP

Mitchell I. Greenwald
Law Office of Mitchell I. Greenwald

Sherwood Guernsey II, Esq.
Law Offices of Sherwood Guernsey

Martin L. Huban III
Brazee and Huban CPAs

Ellen Janis, MBA
Commonwealth Financial Group

Ira J. Kaplan, Esq.
Attorney at Law

Katherine Kiefer, Esq.

Richard P. Koskey
Pattison Koskey Howe & Bucci PC

Thomas Malinowski
Renaissance Investment Group LLC

John J. Martin, Esq.
Martin & Oliveira LLP

William E. Martin, Esq.
Martin & Oliveira LLP

Michael McCarthy
George, Massimiano & McCarthy PC

Kathleen McCormick
McCormick, Murtagh & Marcus

Ronda G. Parish
Law Office of Ronda G. Parish

Linda Patz
Drury, Patz & Citrin LLP

Lucy Prashker
Cain Hibbard & Myers PC

Holly Rogers
Law Office of Holly Rogers

Keith Salisbury
Walsh, Wicks & Salisbury

Gary Schiff
October Mountain Financial Advisors

Brooks Sherman
RBC Wealth Management

James J. Sisto, Esq.
Berkshire Elder Law Center

Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith & Associates Legal Counsel PC

Susan M. Smith, Esq.

David R. Stack
McLaughlin & Stern LLP

Donna Turner
Smith, Watson & Company LLP

John N. Umlauf
Umlauf & Dunn PC

Charles C. Vail
Ackerly Brown LLP

Emily Vail
Ackerly Brown LLP

Donna D. Vincenti
Law Offices of Donna D. Vincenti

Carl G. Whitbeck Jr., Esq.
Whitbeck Benedict & Smith LLP

Douglas F. Wicks, Esq.
Walsh, Wicks & Salisbury