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For more than 30 years, Berkshire Taconic has helped to expand the potential of our people and place to make life here even better. Working in four counties across three states, we have mobilized over $160 million to help our communities thrive.

About This Photo
About This Photo

BTCF awards grants to thousands of nonprofits and individuals every year, including Flying Cloud Institute, which helps children discover and develop their interest and skill in science, technology, engineering and math. Photo by John Dolan. 

Grants for nonprofits & individuals

Berkshire Taconic awards hundreds of competitive grants each year. Whether you are seeking funding as an individual or on behalf of a nonprofit organization, we welcome your interest in these opportunities.

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Berkshire Taconic is one of the largest private scholarship sources for our region’s students. In 2021, we awarded nearly $700,000 in scholarships to students attending trade schools, colleges and universities and graduate programs through over 50 scholarship funds. 

Most scholarship deadlines are March 15 and accept our common application, which will determine your eligibility for all Berkshire Taconic scholarships. The common application opens January 1.

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