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Fund for Williamstown

Grant Guidelines


Individuals or nonprofit organizations, public entities or community groups with ideas for projects that improve the quality of life for Williamstown residents.


The Fund for Williamstown was formed in 2006 as a community effort to build an endowment to support innovative programs and services that will enhance the quality of life for residents of Williamstown. The fund serves as a permanent resource to help make life safer, healthier, fuller or more enjoyable for members of the community.

The Fund for Williamstown is about making the community a better, more vibrant place to live. The fund supports proposals from both nonprofit organizations and individuals that will strengthen, enliven and enhance Williamstown. With an eye toward meeting the needs of a wide spectrum of residents, the fund awards grants for health and human services, cultural, educational and recreational programs and environmental protection. The fund is a catalyst for collaboration and for dynamic thinking about our community.

The fund is not a substitute for public support of the town’s operating and capital budget. Rather, it supports projects that go beyond what is needed to what is wanted—fostering services and programs that make Williamstown a truly unique place to live.


Individuals, nonprofit organizations and public agencies are eligible to apply for grants. Requests will be considered for projects, programs and capital improvements that serve the residents of Williamstown. The fund does not normally fund stipends to individuals submitting the grant application or permanent capital expenditures for private organizations. While the fund will consider funding projects that have been supported in previous years, priority will be given to new projects.

General education projects not related to schools are welcome to apply. All school-related projects should apply for support from the WESE (Williamstown Elementary School Endowment) or SEE (Sustaining Educational Excellence—serving Mt. Greylock Regional School) Funds.


Grants usually range up to $5,000. The Advisory Committee reserves the right to vary the number and size of grants awarded depending on their perceived importance to the Williamstown community.

The Fund for Williamstown does not require a match for its grants. However, other community support—either through cash or in-kind donations—is recommended to indicate the degree of enthusiasm for the project.

Grant recipients will be expected to provide the Advisory Committee with a written evaluation of the project.


Applications are reviewed fairly and competitively and selections are based on the stated review criteria by the Fund for Williamstown Advisory Committee. The selected recommendations will be reviewed by Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation’s board of directors.

Applications will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Quality: How worthy is the project? Is it the right time for this project? Does it involve qualified individuals or organizations? Is it well conceived? Does it fit well with other related activities and priorities? Is it cost effective?
  • Extent of Impact: What is the potential impact of the project or service on the Williamstown community? Does it engage the community? Does it address an unmet need in the community? Is it a critical program or initiative at this time?
  • Feasibility: Can the applicant complete the project? Does the organization or individual exhibit a demonstrated capacity to initiate and successfully execute similar projects? Are the appropriate staff members or volunteers involved? Is the staff/group capable and stable enough to perform the tasks necessary to complete the proposed project?
  • Innovation and/or Community Need:
    Is the project a new and/or innovative idea that will benefit our community? A project may be considered "new" for more than one year.
    Community Need: Does the project contribute significantly to make life safer, healthier, fuller or more enjoyable for members of the community?


Up to $5,000


March 15

How to Apply

Please read these important instructions.

For individual applicants:



For those applying on behalf of an organization, public entity or community group: