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James and Robert Hardman Fund for North Adams, Clarksburg, Florida, MA and Stamford, VT

Grant Guidelines


Nonprofit organizations serving North Adams, Clarksburg, Florida or Stamford.


The James and Robert Hardman Fund was established by the families of James A. Hardman, Jr. (1909-1990) and Robert Hardman (1911-1978) to honor the memory of these two outstanding citizens of North Adams, Massachusetts. James and Robert were descendents of the earliest settlers of the area that eventually came to be known as North Adams, and for over 100 years the Hardman family owned and published The North Adams Transcript. James and Robert were the last members of the Hardman family to carry on this long and honorable family tradition.

About James and Robert Hardman
James and Robert came of age in an era when civic duty was the highest calling. Both men deeply loved the City of North Adams and the surrounding Berkshire Hills. Their lifelong commitment to the welfare of the inhabitants of Northern Berkshire County, particularly those who lived in North Adams and its adjacent communities, was second only to their devotion to family. They were honored to serve the community and their children honor them by continuing this service with the establishment of the James and Robert Hardman Fund.


The purpose of the Hardman Fund is to enrich the lives primarily of the residents of North Adams, but also of the neighboring communities of Florida and Clarksburg, MA, and Stamford, VT. The fund supports projects that cover all aspects of these communities, including the arts, culture, historic preservation, health, human and social services, education and the environment.

Grants will be awarded to organizations that demonstrate the potential to expand or deepen their impact, or to those that are already achieving a significant impact. The Fund is particularly interested in initiatives that take a long term view of what is required to support people in difficult economic circumstances and to assist them in moving out of poverty and those that enrich the cultural and natural environment of the Fund area.

While the Hardman Fund typically supports a wide range of projects, the fund’s grantmaking committee has prioritized projects that meet basic or emergency needs—including food pantry, health insurance counseling and victim assistance services—and organizations that are the sole providers of vital services for vulnerable populations in the region. Preference is given to collaboration between organizations, particularly those providing food to people in need.

The Foundation does not support organizations which in their constitution, by-laws or practice, discriminate against a person or group on the basis of age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religious belief.


The number and size of grants awarded will depend on the amount of funding available from the Hardman Fund, as well as the number and quality of applications received. The Hardman Fund Committee will consider large grants if a project is deemed to be of seminal importance to the North Adams, Clarksburg, Florida, MA and Stamford, VT community.


Applicants will be notified of the Foundation’s decision within four months of the deadline date.


A committee of Hardman family members and citizens from northern Berkshire County will review applications and make recommendations to Berkshire Taconic’s Board of Directors.

Applications will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Excellence: Is the project or service truly of a high quality? Is it the right time for the project? Does it involve qualified individuals/groups?
  • Impact: What is the potential impact of the project or service on the community? This does not mean the number of people involved, but rather the quality of the impact.
  • Ability: Is the project well thought out and feasible?