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The Denise Kaley Fund

Grant Guidelines


Client advocates on behalf of female cancer patients with financial need in Berkshire County, MA.


We all know someone who has struggled with cancer and its treatments while making the effort to keep their lives moving forward.

The Denise Kaley Fund for Berkshire Women with Cancer supports the day-to-day living expenses of Berkshire women who are living with cancer and have financial need: the single mother who needs a baby sitter to get to her chemotherapy appointments, an elderly woman who needs help with the rent or fuel bill in order to afford medical care, or a woman struggling to keep a job and make ends meet while going through treatment.

The fund covers the costs of transportation, housing, food, utilities, child care, insurance payments or anything that can help ease the struggles of women with cancer and allow them to focus on healing. The Denise Kaley Fund is endowed so that its support can continue annually and grow. The fund works hand-in-hand with social service agencies throughout the county so that support is offered exactly when and where it can do the most good.


The Denise Kaley Fund for Berkshire Women with Cancer will provide the most basic support for local women including:

  • Childcare
  • Housing or utility costs
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Insurance payments
  • Any other costs that help the patient heal in a supportive environment


Awards are generally up to $500. If a grant is awarded, the payment is sent directly to the vendor and not the individual.


Please be in touch with one of the following client advocates who can submit an application on your behalf

Kathy Hart, Director
Care Navigation Services
Berkshire Medical Center
Phone: 413.395.7965

Cheryl Thomson, Program Manager
Advocacy for Access
Fairview Hospital
Phone: 413.854.9608


Up to $500



How to Apply

Contact a client advocate who can submit an application on your behalf.