How to Accept Your Scholarship Award

How To Accept Your Scholarship Award

Congratulations on your scholarship award! Use the following instructions to accept your scholarship. Please note: scholarships will not be granted until a Follow Up Form is completed for each scholarship granted.

What You Will Need

  • The name of the college or university you are attending
  • The student ID assigned to you by your college or university
  • A copy of your tuition bill
  • A photo of yourself

Follow These Steps

Step 1: Log into our online portal.

Step 2: Review awarded scholarship(s) within your Applicant Dashboard. An awarded scholarship will have a Follow Up Form associated with it.

Step 3: Within the Follow Up Forms box, click Edit under the column labeled Edit/View. Clicking Edit will take you to the Follow Up Form.

Step 4: Complete all required fields within this form. Once you are ready to submit and accept your award, click Submit Follow Up. To stop and continue your Follow Up Form at a later time, click Save Follow Up.

Need Help?

For technical assistance, email Grants Associate Caitlin Healy.